Course Registration

If you are looking for information on courses or programs offered through Western's Distance Studies, visit our Course Offerings.

Registration Information

Distance Studies courses do not have waiting lists. 

The main difference in registering for a Distance Studies course vs. the rest of our courses is that when you enroll for your Distance Studies course, you must select an examination center in the second registration step.  If you do not, you will receive a 'required course needed' error.  For a list of available examination centers, visit the examinations page.

More information on registering for courses & course add/drop can be found under Course Enrollment.


Once you have registered for your courses, you will need to get your textbooks.  The Bookstore at Western not only provides reading lists for all your courses but allows you to order your textbooks online to have them shipped to your locations.

Use their textbook search page on the Bookstore website and choose the 'distance education' option.  From there you can choose the term you are taking the courses in and the courses you will be taking to receive your reading list for all your courses.

Courses Cancelled Due to Low Enrolment

When courses are cancelled because minimum enrolment has not been met, the full amount paid for those courses will be refunded.  No interest is paid on refunded tuition.