Transfer Credit

Admission Requirements

 For detailed admission requirements for students with previous post-secondary work, please visit our Welcome website.

Transfer Credit Eligibility 

  • If you are currently attending or have attended a certificate or diploma program at a college in Ontario, or at a College of Applied Arts and Technology or Institute of Technology outside of Ontario, please follow the Canadian college transfer guidelines.


  • If you are currently attending or have attended a Canadian university, a Canadian junior college or university transfer program at a college in Alberta or British Columbia, please follow the Canadian university transfer guidelines.

Residency Requirement

Transfer students admitted with transfer credit must complete a minimum of 5.0 senior courses in the 15.0-course degree programs or 10.0 courses in the four-year and honors programs. The majority of courses in each module must be completed at Western or its Affiliated University Colleges. New students should make an appointment with an Academic Counsellor for program planning before course registration.