Web Registration

Western students who have been admitted to the University and are in good academic standing can select courses during course registration periods via the Student Center.

All students may use the Web Registration process up until the deadlines.  After that date, you must follow the Add/Drop/Swap process.

Important Note: Please be aware that Western University does not support external timetable services. These providers may not have up-to-date and accurate information. When making your course selections, please ensure you meet all course prerequisites, antirequisites, and corequisites.

Registration Appointment Times

During the main registration period for Fall/Winter courses, course selection dates are grouped by year in the following sequence:

  1. Year 4 Students (eg. students in Year 4 of an Honors Specialization Degree)
  2. Year 3 Students
  3. Year 2 Students

Note: Year 1 Students are not competing for the same courses as senior students, therefore they may select courses at any time during the enrolment period starting June 13th. It is recommended that they receive Academic Counselling through the Summer Academic Orientation program.

To Register for Fall/Winter courses, you will receive an appointment time.  This appointment time is available via the Student Center system, where you will also register.  An email is sent to your Western Email Account to inform you when this information is available.

Your appointment time is your earliest web registration date: you can continue registering after this point, but it is recommended you utilize your scheduled appointment time for best course selection.

Once  the main registration period is over, course registration changes are made through the extended online registration period & by add/drop.  Visit the Add/Drop/Swap page for details on Add/Drop.

Extended Online Registration Period

During this phase, students who have paid the first instalment of their fees or made payment arrangements with Student Financial Services are encouraged to make use of the Student Center to adjust their registration. Modification of courses by students at this time will limit or eliminate their time later in Add/Drop lines. Departments and Faculties will provide counselling only during the Extended Registration Period.

Note: Paper Add/Drop will NOT be available during this time. Visit the Add/Drop/Swap page for details on Add/Drop.

Web Registration Assistance

There are multiple tools available to help you in your registration process.

Online, we have available the Step by Step Guide to Registration, which also includes video tutorials on how to register through the Student Center service.

If you are unfamiliar with the Student Center service, you can also use the Student Center Access Guide to learn how to access the system.

In addition, the Registration Helpline will be available at this time to answer your registration questions.  Further details on the helpline hours of operation will be available here during the Registration period.

My Planner & the Course Enrollment Worksheet

Western provides various tools to help students with the course enrollment process.  Within “My Planner” students can plan their course enrollment for all of their years at Western and therefore, the course options include any courses that are currently active.   This feature makes use of information available in our catalogue of course offerings.

Additionally, a student’s  “Course Enrollment Worksheet” can be used to plan for courses in the term in which the you are trying to enroll.

Common Errors

Can't Add Courses for the Term

You may have to change your term settings to the proper term in order to register. Click on the 'Your Portfolio' option in the menu on the left, and then choose the term settings option. If the term listed there is not the term you wish to add courses in, click on the 'continue' button. You then must choose the correct career & term from the dropdown menus to change these term settings, or choose 'keep these defaults' if you do not want to change your information. Once you have changed to the correct career & term, you will be able to add your courses.

'time scheduling error' when adding a course

The time scheduling error appears at the end of the add course process instead of the 'course added successfully' message when you are trying to add a course that conflicts with the courses already present in your schedule. This error means that you have not successfully enrolled in this course - you will have to deal with the error by reorganizing your schedule or choosing different courses in order to fix this problem.

'No valid appointment found and open enrollment period has not begun' error

This message is given when you attempt to enroll for a course incorrectly. This error occurs if you try and add a course in a career you are not registered in, if you try to add a course in a term you're not activated in, or if you try to add a course outside of the time period allotted for registration/adding courses. If you are having problems adding a course in a career you are in concurrently, you must ensure you're adding into the correct career.