ecampus Ontario

Application for Visiting Students taking a Western eCampus Ontario Course

Visiting students are formally enrolled at another post-secondary institution, but receive permission to register at Western for a prescribed session and set of courses.

Visiting eCampus Ontario Student Application Requirements:

To be eligible for visiting student status at Western through eCampus, students must:

Required Documents

  1. A completed Letter of Permission form from your home institution

    Letters of Permission are generally the purview of the Registrar’s Office or your Faculty’s Dean’s/Chair’s Office of your home institution. You will need to contact their offices to determine the process for Letters of Permission as every institution’s process may be different.

  2. A completed Visiting Student Application Form

  3. A photocopy of proof of citizenship – passport or birth certificate

Submit the required documents listed above to the Letter of Permission Office.

Letters of Permission
Room 2140, Western Student Services Building
Western University
London, ON N6A 3K7                                                                  


After your required documents are submitted, it may take up to two weeks before your application is processed. When your application to become a visiting student at Western is approved,  you will receive notice via email.