Fall Reading Week

Fall Reading Week

Western’s pilot Fall Reading Week is October 9-13, 2017.

Fall Reading Week is being implemented on a two-year trial period as approved by Senate on February 17, 2017 (see meeting notes here). This follows the previous approval of two Fall Study Days, proposed in 2012 as an answer the trend towards half-year courses over full-year courses—students were experiencing stresses in their Fall term courses, but only had a break during their Winter term.

An ad hoc Subcommittee comprised of administrative staff, faculty members, and student representatives was formed to review current practices at other Canadian universities and the structure of the academic year at Western to determine both whether a longer break was common practice, and whether it was feasible to implement here.

The ad hoc Subcommittee will continue to review the impacts of the Fall Reading Week in practice and on policy over the next two years to evaluate its effectiveness and determine a plan for future action. 

Fall Reading Week Adjusted Hours