What's Where: Student Services vs. Student Center

How do you access your personalized services?  Login to either Student Services or Student Center! Not sure where to go?

Student Services

  • Diploma Mailing Online service
  • View your personalized exam schedule
  • Apply for bursaries, need based awards & work study via the FAP
  • Opt in & out of the recipient report
  • Check the status of your OSAP loan
  • Term Activation (Part Time or Summer)
  • Intent to Register

Student Center

Personal Information: 
  • Update your Address
  • Update your Phone #s
  • Release of Information
  • Update your Emergency Contact Information
  • Remove your information from the Western Directory
  • View Status of Application
  • Accept or Decline your offer of admission (Grad Students only)
  • View your class schedule
  • View & print your personal timetable
  • Add, Drop or Swap Classes
  • View your grades
  • Run a degree audit
  • View your Web Academic Report
  • View your Special Permissions 
  • Order an Official Transcript  and Transcript Processing status
  • Order & View processing status of Official Western Letter
  • Apply to Graduate
  • View your transfer credits
  • View Statement of Account
  • View your T2202A tax form
  • View Student Donation Receipts