Western ONECard Photo Standards

Your Western ONECard is an important piece of identification.  Pictures that do not meet the following standards will not be accepted.

Your Photo Must:

Your Photo Cannot:

  • Be suitable for official identification
  • Have you looking straight into the camera (e.g. no tilting of the head or side shots of the face)
  • Be a head shot only
  • Have a neutral or smiling facial expression
  • Be of you alone (no other people or animals are in the photo)
  • Be in colour
  • Be of good quality (e.g. is not blurry, grainy, or too small) 
  • Contain hats, sunglasses, or graduation caps
  • Have inappropriate expressions
  • Have anything obstructing the view of your face (e.g. no hands on your chin or side of your face).  Veiled students, please contact our office to make special arrangements to have your picture taken.
  • Be cropped too close
  • Have any special effects or colouring – NO FILTERS
  • Have shadows behind you
  • Have glare on prescription glasses
  • Be a scan of your driver’s license, passport, health card, etc.

Photo Standards Do's and Dont's