Cost of Attendance

The Student Budget

Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The budget includes the actual cost of tuition and fees, a standard cost for rent and living costs as well as allowances for the average cost of books, supplies and/or computer, personal expenses and transportation. The budget is used to determine financial aid eligibility in each school year and are reviewed and adjusted on a yearly basis.

If your actual costs for books/supplies or transportation are significantly higher than the budget allowance, you may speak with a Financial Aid Officer directly and prepare any documentation regarding your actual costs for further consideration.

Sample Cost of Attendance

 Cost of Attendance – Undergraduate (September – April – two terms) 
Tuition and Fees  Based on program cost (see fee schedule)
Computer Allowance $500
Books and Supplies $1026 **
Relocation Allowance (first year only) $1000
Return Transportation Home $500
Living Allowance (rent, utilities, food)


**varies based on program

 Cost of Attendance – Graduate  (September – December  - one term example) 
Tuition and Fees  Based on program cost (see fee schedule)
Computer Allowance $500
Books and Supplies $1104*
Relocation Allowance (first year only) $1000
Return Transportation Home $250
Living Allowance (rent, utilities, food) $5520

*While every effort has been made to ensure the above cost of attendance is compete and accurae, Western University reserves the right to make adjustments as required.

**varies based on program

Cost of Attendance - Professional Undergraduates and Dentistry Students

Tuition fees vary based on the year you are in the program.  Please check our Fees Schedule for tuition costs related to your year.  Additional costs such as Association fees, club fees, computer costs and examination fees may be included in your total cost of attendance.

Spouse and Children:

Living costs of family members must be covered by the student and spouse and will not be included in the financial needs assessment.   Financial aid, however, can help cover reasonable child care costs for children 12 and under and younger for the period when the student is enrolled and the spouse is working outside the home or also in school full time.   If this situation is applicable please speak with a Financial Aid officer directly for review.

Single Parents:

Single parents are expected to support children through earnings, savings, child support etc.  In some cases where these funds are not available consideration may be given to include some dependent costs in the budget.  Documentation may be required to support the additional costs.

Exceptions to the Standard Budget:

Living in Residence:

Students living in residence may have higher living and food costs than associated with the standard student budget.  For those students living in residence with a meal plan we will increase your monthly living costs accordingly.  You may need to notify our office to confirm your living arrangement.

Additional Housing Allowance:

Students who pay more in rent and utility costs can request a budget increase provided documentation to validate these costs is submitted.  Additionally, the student may be asked to present a reason why less costly housing is not an option.  Determined on a case by case basis.


Students may request exceptional expenses related to the maintenance of their vehicle.  Routine maintenance is not considered in this review.  Please contact Student Financial Aid to discuss this directly for a review.

Medical and Dental Expenses:

US Students are insured under the University Health Insurance Plan:    These plans do not cover all related Medical expenses.  In cases where UHIP does not cover the full cost of a medically required treatment these costs may be considered.  Cosmetic or elective procedures will not be considered.

Computer Purchase

A standard budget exists for computer related expenses (not necessarily the purchase of a computer).  Printers, software etc, may be considered additional costs for the budget.  Appropriate documentation must be submitted and reviewed as reasonable.

License and Professional Fee Expenses:

For those students who require their first professional exam or certifications, the fees will be considered as part of the budget.