Summer Fees Due May 15

Summer Fees Due May 15

Your Statement of Account for summer term courses is now available online through your Student Center.

How to Access Your Statement of Account

  1. Log in to your Student Center.
  2. Click on Student Financials then select “Statement of Account.”

Your Statement of Account will provide you with your account information including charges, payments, current balance, and due date.

Summer OSAP

Full-time Summer OSAP:

To be eligible for full-time OSAP for the summer term, students must be enrolled in a minimum 60% course load, or in a minimum 40% course load for students who self-identify as having a permanent disability. If you have a current Fall/Winter 2023-2024 OSAP Application, the summer term is an extension of this application and only requires the completion of a Summer Supplemental Application.

For more information about Summer OSAP, check out our OSAP Forms & Summer page.

Late Penalties & Academic Sanctions

Late penalties will be assessed monthly at a rate of 1.5% of the overdue balance. For example, based on an overdue balance of $4,500, the interest charges would be approximately $2.25 per day. The monthly accumulation of these charges will be added to accounts on the last business day of each month.

Do not risk academic sanctions. Ensure your tuition payment reaches our office by the tuition deadline. Academic sanctions (sealing of academic records) prohibit a transcript or degree diploma, prohibit admission, readmission, or further registration and use of some of the services on campus.

Please ensure your tuition payment reaches our office by the tuition deadline of May 15 to avoid late penalties.

Course Cancellations

Cancellation fees will start being applied to course withdrawals once the course session has begun. Cancellation fees are $100.00 per full course, $50.00 per half course, and $25.00 per quarter course.

For more information on withdrawal dates and how they affect the refund rates, please view the refund schedule.

If you have fee inquiries, please contact us on Western Chat or through our Virtual Helpline.