April 2018 Exams

April 2018 Exams

Note: Wharncliffe Road, north of Oxford Street, will be closed from 5:00am - 8:00pm on Saturday, April 28. Please give yourself additional travel time when travelling to campus that day. More information can be found in the Traffic Advisory media release: https://mediarelations.uwo.ca/2018/04/19/traffic-advisory-wharncliffe-road-closed-saturday-april-28th/ 

How and where do I check the exam schedule?

What do I do if I have time conflicts?

  • If you have two FINAL exams scheduled in the same time slot (i.e. two exams scheduled at 2:00pm on the same day), you will have received an email to your Western (@uwo.ca) account, which will provide details on how to proceed and appropriate people to contact.
  • If you have multiple exams within a short timeframe, please see the information available relating to a multiple exam situation at http://www.registrar.uwo.ca/examinations/exam_schedule.html.

What can I do on the day of an exam if I have an emergency?

  • Where possible, students should inform their instructor prior to the date of the exam.
  • Contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit immediately and be prepared to provide supporting documentation. If your emergency occurs on a weekend, contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit on the subsequent Monday morning.
  • If you have a medical concern and are visiting an off-campus physician, please ensure you bring a copy of the Student Medical Certificate. This is the documentation the Home Faculty Academic Counselling units will expect to see to determine if a make-up exam is warranted.
  • If you decide to write your exam, you should be prepared to accept the mark you earn. Rewriting exams or having the value reweighted on a retroactive basis is not normal practice.

Study Rooms

The following study rooms will be available for the April Exam period from April 12 - 30, from 8:00am to 10:00pm:

B&GS 0165
B&GS 1056
SEB 1056
SEB 2100
KB K103
KB K208
MC 17
P&AB 36
WL 257
WL 259
AHB 1B04
AHB 1B08

For an explanation of Building Abbreviations, see List of Western Buildings


To view hours at all Western Libraries, visit the Western Libraries website.

Food Services

To view hours at campus eateries, visit the Hospitality Services website.

To view hours for residence dining, visit the Residence Dining website.