Accessing your Grades

As Fall/Winter grades are received by the Office of the Registrar, they will be available for viewing on your Student Center under Academics > Web Academic Report.  To run your Web Academic Report, from the Report Type dropdown select “Web Academic Report” and press the “view report” button.

If you are ordering a transcript prior to the review of your academic progression being complete, the following statement will appear on your transcript: "ALL DECISIONS CONCERNING ACADEMIC PROGRESSION AND STANDING HAVE NOT BEEN FINALIZED FOR THIS TERM."

See the Transcripts page for more information.

Course Attempts Which Are Classified as Failures

Any undergraduate courses in Arts, Science, Social Science, Kinesiology, Music, Health Science and Media, Information and Technoculture as well as the Affiliated Colleges, will be used in the assessment and average calculation of a general student's eligibility to progress and/or enter or remain in a program. Progression average calculations INCLUDE failed grades. All grades below 50% are considered failures. Grades below 40% will be included in average calculations as 40%, grades from 40% to 49% will be included as the actual grade reported.

Note: Engineering subjects have their own grading scheme. Any Engineering student Grade/mark questions should be directed to the Engineering Dean's office.

If you drop a course after the last day to drop deadline, which will vary according to the type of course in which you are enrolled, it will be recorded as F (failure) and you will receive a mark of 40% for Average Calculation purposes.

GPA Conversion

Western currently uses a numeric grading scale on transcripts and academic records. Details on this system can be found in the Academic Calendar.

For information on how to convert your numeric grade, visit the Transcripts page.