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Discovery Credits

Undergraduate Students in specific programs of study will have the option to designate a degree-credit course as a Discovery Credit

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Updating Personal Info

Keeping your personal information up to date is very important. Having the right information in our systems will ensure that information you receive from us will match your current information and arrive at the right destination. Please ensure your Address and your Name information is always up to date.

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Student Grades are made available via the Student Center website either through the Grade Report or the Academic Record. These services allow students to view final grades for a variety of terms.

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A student's transcript is a confidential document, which provides a record of their academic progression at Western. These transcripts can be ordered for a multitude of reasons in person, by mail/fax, or online.

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Official Western Letters

An Official Western letter is an official document prepared and sealed by the Registrar's Office used for various purposes such as proof of enrollment. This page also contains information on getting 3rd party forms for such things as RESPs.

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Third Party Forms

In certain cases, instead of a letter you may require a 3rd party form to be completed and sealed by the Registrar's Office to validate registration or degree confirmation.

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Degree Verification

The University of Western Ontario has partnered with AuraData, a Canadian company specializing in secure online degree verification. This partnership will streamline the process companies or academic institutions use to verify academic credentials.

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Diplomas are your official record of your graduation from Western. Information on this page includes how to order diplomas and diploma replacements, as well as diploma authentication.

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Information on Graduation & the Convocation ceremony is available on it's own website,

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