NOTE: Check the View My Grades page to see what grades are currently available for display on your transcripts through your Student Center under Academics > My Academics > View My Grades > Posted Grades. If you are ordering a transcript prior to the review of your academic progression being complete, the following statement will appear on your transcript: "ALL DECISIONS CONCERNING ACADEMIC PROGRESSION AND STANDING HAVE NOT BEEN FINALIZED FOR THIS TERM". 

*Some institutions may not accept your transcript until it indicates that you have successfully completed your academic year. If you require this, please choose the Hold Type option of "Fall and Winter Final Grades and Grade Report".

*If you are a graduating student please be aware that the degree you are being awarded will not appear on your transcript until your Convocation date. If you would like to have your degree appear on your transcript, please select the Hold Type option of "Convocation". Your transcript will not be released until your Convocation Date.

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) Western is responsible for protecting all personal information under its custody or control.  By signing the transcript request or placing an online order you are certifying that you are the student as stated; that the information provided is true and correct in all respects; and that you authorize The University of Western Ontario only as indicated on your transcript order.

If you wish to have a third party order and/or pick up your transcript on your behalf you must complete a Release of Information available through your Student Center.  Click Release of Information for more information.

Visit the Academic Calendar for details on the information contained in a transcript (select the current calendar > Academic Information > Academic Policies/Regulations > Academic Records and Student Transcripts).

Need Based Awards appear on Transcripts

Need based awards are awarded to students based on a combination of academic merit, demonstration of financial need, and in some cases, non-academic requirements.

Beginning December 19, 2014, need based awards along with merit awards will display on your transcript.  To review the awards that will display on your transcript, log in to the Student Center and select Scholarships and Awards from under "My Academics".  If you do not want your Need Based Awards to appear on your transcript, select the “Do Not Display Need Based Awards on Transcripts” option.  You will be reminded with each online transcript request to confirm your selection for that order.  If you are ordering a transcript in person or by fax or mail and you wish to change whether or not Need Based Awards will display on your transcript, you must make the change through your Student Center prior to placing your order.

Please note:  Bursaries, which are awarded based on financial need only, do not appear on transcripts.

If you have any questions regarding awards that show on your transcript please contact