Spring Examinations

Spring Examinations

How, and where, do I check the exam schedule?

  • The Final April Exam Schedule (without rooms) is now posted online at: https://studentservices.uwo.ca/secure/Exams/.  Please review your schedule carefully.  Please note:  rooms will be updated beginning of March. 

What do I do if I have time conflicts?

  • If you have two FINAL exams scheduled in the same time slot (i.e. two exams scheduled at 2:00pm on the same day), you will receive an email to your Western (@uwo.ca) account shortly.  Details will be provided on how to proceed and the appropriate people to contact.
  • If you have multiple exams within a short timeframe, please see the information available relating to a “Multiple Exam Situation” at: https://registrar.uwo.ca/academics/examinations/exam_conflicts.html

What can I do on the day of an exam if I have an emergency?

  • Where possible, students should inform their Instructor prior to the date of the exam.
  • Contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit immediately, and be prepared to provide supporting documentation. If your emergency occurs on a weekend, contact your Home Faculty Academic Counselling unit on the subsequent Monday morning.
  • If you have a medical concern, and are visiting an off-campus physician, please ensure you bring a copy of the Student Medical Certificate. This is the documentation the Home Faculty Academic Counselling units will expect to see to determine if a make-up exam is warranted.
  • If you decide to write your exam, you should be prepared to accept the mark you earn. Re-writing exams, or having the value re-weighted on a retroactive basis, is not normal practice.