Distance Studies

Distance Studies courses are available for both Western students and students enrolled at other Canadian universities through letter of permission from their home university.

For information or help with applying to Western for either full-time or part-time studies, please visit Welcome to Western.

If you are interested in taking courses at Western on a Letter of Permission from another university, click here to learn about Visiting Students.

To order your textbooks, visit the Bookstore’s website

Contacting Distance Studies

If you require more information on Distance Studies in general, course materials, and assignment distribution, you can either contact Student Central, or Distance Studies directly at 519-661-2100 or contact@uwo.ca

If you have questions about your Email/Personal Computer account or about OWL, please contact the WTS Helpdesk.

Course Offering and Registration

Course Listing:

For a current listing of scheduled Distance Courses in the Session in which you are interested in enrolling, refer to the appropriate Academic Timetable.  Filter by Course Delivery type to see a complete listing of online courses offered.

Note: Students may not take more than 2.5 online credits during the Spring/Summer Session and 3.0 credits during the Fall/Winter Session.  Students wishing to take more courses by distance must contact their home faculty Academic Counselling Office to request special permission (which could potentially be denied).

Registration Information

The main difference in registering for a Distance Studies course vs. the non-Distance courses at Western is that when you enroll for your Distance Studies course, you must select an examination center in the second registration step.  If you do not, you will receive a 'required course needed' error.  For a list of available examination centers, visit the examinations page.

Courses Cancelled Due to Low Enrolment

When courses are cancelled because minimum enrolment has not been met, the full amount paid for those courses will be refunded.  No interest is paid on refunded tuition.

OWL Login/Accessing your Courses

Courses, assignments, and discussion are all available online through OWL

Activating your Email/Computer Account

Students who are new to Western can activate their Western Identity by visiting the Western Technology Services website.  You will need your student number and Access Code to activate your account.  Click here if you do not know your Access Code.

Computer Requirements

You should be using a current browser on a PC or Mac-based system.  OWL has a mobile interface that will work from most smartphones and tablets but some functionality may not be available on these mobile devices.

Where Is My Course?

To access OWL, please visit the OWL website.

After logging in you should see a tab at the top for your course. If you do not see a tab try looking under the More Sites tab.

Getting Help

If you encounter difficulties accessing your course or using the tools inside OWL, please contact the WTS Customer Support Centre. For hours and contact information visit the WTS Helpdesk page.


Examination Centres

When registering for Distance Studies courses, students must select an exam centre.  This exam centre is where you must write the final exams and/or midterm tests. 

Available Examination Centres include:

  • London, ON
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Toronto, ON
  • Barrie, ON
  • Sudbury, ON
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Calgary, AB

Changing Your Examination Centre

You can change your examination centre during the online course registration period. To change your examination centre, log in to your Student Center and use the swap option to select a different location. See the Swapping a Lab/Tutorial/Exam Centre on the Register in Courses page.

Examination & Midterm Test Schedules

Students registered to write their exams in any examination centre outside of London, ON should check their Western Email for the date, time and location of their exams. 

Students registered to write their final exams in London, please visit the Exam Schedule to view all available schedules.

The midterm test schedule is available for the 2020 Winter and can be found at the link below.

2020 Winter Distance Studies Midterm Exam Schedule (pdf)

Examination Regulations

Examinations are prescheduled at 9 am, 2 pm and 7 pm.  You should be prepared to write an exam at any of these times. You must write your tests and final exams on the day and at the hour specified.

No student will be allowed to write an examination without either a Western ONECard student ID or another piece of government-issued photo identification.

Students who are unable to write a scheduled midterm test must inform their instructor and provide proper documentation to their academic counsellor.  If approval is made for a make up test and your exam centre is in London, your instructor will arrange the time and location of your rewrite.  If you are writing at an off-campus exam centre, you must contact Distance Studies office if your make up test is approved to arrange your rewrite.  Students will be required to pay an off-campus make-up exam fee.