Visiting Undergraduate Students

Welcome to the Visiting Student program at Western University.

Visiting Undergraduate Students can be divided into TWO categories:

  • Visiting undergraduate students who are admitted to Western to take courses for transfer to a degree program at another University;
  • Visiting undergraduate students who are at Western on a ‘Research ONLY’ basis.

If you have questions about your admissibility for either status or any other questions about the Visiting Student programs, email or contact us by phone at 519-661-2100 before you submit an application.

Taking Courses at Western

Visiting Undergraduate Students are Western students for the duration of the session in which they are registered. As a Visiting Student, you have full access to all USC student services and all Western resources and facilities, including the libraries, athletic facilities and health services.

Visiting Undergraduate Students must be in good standing at their home university. They may not be on probation, suspended or expelled. Transcripts and TOEFL results are not normally required; however, you may be required to present a transcript to an academic department to verify your prerequisite course background.

To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Read all of the application instructions, including all of the identified links. For more information on all of the topics, also explore this website for current student information.

  2. Course Selection: To identify courses at Western that interest you, refer to the Academic Calendar and the appropriate Academic Timetable.  Review the course requisite information to confirm you have the appropriate academic background (i.e. course background equivalent to the listed prerequisites).

  3. Approval: Have your home university approve the courses and forward a valid Letter of Permission (LOP), a Visiting Student Application Form (pdf), and proof of citizenship (photocopy of a birth certificate or passport) to:

    Student Records,
    Room 2140 Western Student Services Building
    University of Western Ontario
    London, ON
    N6A 3K7
    Fax: 519-850-2397

    Your home school should have a template for a Letter of Permission available. If not, we require a signed authorization form, with a seal, from your Academic Advisor or Dean/Principal's Office, outlining which course(s) specifically you have been authorized to take here at Western. It is important to note that enrolment will only be allowed for the SPECIFIC courses listed on your authorization, so it is best to list enough courses that allow you a range of choice, in case some of your selected courses fill up (ie. if you intend on taking 3 classes, perhaps list 5 or 6 to choose from).

  1. Admission: Once we receive both your application and your LOP, your admission will be processed. It usually takes two weeks to process an application.

    Note: We are unable to guarantee that all Visiting Students will be successful in their selection of courses. This is why we suggest that you include additional courses on your Letter Of Permission to provide for some flexibility. Once admitted, you will be responsible for enrolling in courses, verifying your prerequisites with the academic department, and paying your fees.

  1. Enrollment: You will be required to enrol in your course(s) through Student Center.

    Note: Many courses require specific prerequisites that will be checked by the academic department that offers your course (s). You should be prepared to show your academic transcript at the department.

  1. Fees: In addition to the tuition fees applicable to the courses you are enrolling in, there is a Letter of Permission fee. This is a non-refundable administrative fee to process your Visiting Student Application and it is payable along with your tuition.  Payment can be using online banking, or at Student Central, Room 1120 Western Student Services Building. 

  2. Cancelling courses and tuition refunds: Read the Fees & Refunds page carefully, especially the Refunds section. The refund policies and deadlines may be different from those at your home university. The last day for withdrawing from a course without academic penalty (a failing grade) is much later than the deadline for withdrawing and receiving a tuition refund. Students are charged for all courses in which they enrol whether or not they attend class.

Once you have completed your course(s), you need to have an official transcript sent to your home university.


Completing Research at Western

Visiting Undergraduate Students (Research Only) will not enroll in courses and will only be engaging in research.

Visiting Undergraduate Students (Research only) are allowed to conduct research at Western University but do not fall under an approved exchange program. Students are registered as Full-Time Visiting Undergraduate Students on the condition that they cannot take courses at Western. If a Western transcript is requested, an Undergraduate Research indicator will be evident. International students who are Visiting Undergraduate Student (Research Only) students pay UHIP (University Health Insurance Plan) fees and a student card fee but no tuition. Based on the Request to Enroll as a Visiting Undergraduate (Research Only)  student at Western University, individuals assume the responsibility to adhere to Western's Code of Student Conduct found at University Secretariat Appeals and Discipline

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) generally considers research placements as internships, and thus “work”, whether the research placement is paid or unpaid. For that reason, Visiting Research Students need authorization to work in Canada. This can be facilitated by way of a work permit or visitor status.

  • If you are a student interested in visiting Western for the purposes of conducting research and/or collaborating on a research project, please contact the academic department/faculty member responsible for inviting you to come to Western.
  • If you are interested in visiting Western or have been invited to conduct research at Western as a post-doctoral fellow, please contact the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) at (519) 661-2102 or Email:
  • If you are a faculty member at Western University interested in inviting an international visiting research (graduate or undergraduate) student to Western, please contact the IESC at to learn about the intake process of inviting an international visiting researcher to Western.