Register in Courses

Course Registration is completed in Student Center.  See drop down options below for how to make changes to your enrollment (e.g. add/drop/swap/waitlist). These steps remain the same regardless of the Term in which you wish to register.  The process leading up to registration however, varies based on the Term (Fall/Winter, Summer).  Choose your Term below for more information.

Note: Online course registration ends after the last day to add the course.  After the online registration period ends, use a course change form to drop a course.  Consult your Faculty Academic Counselling Office for more information.


Add a Class

If you have a valid enrollment appointment, you may begin adding, dropping or swapping classes.

Visual Detailed Guide - Adding a Class (pdf)

Quick Steps

  1. Log into Student Center.
  2. Under the Academic Section select Enroll in Classes. 
  3. In the "Add to Worksheet" section, enter the class number (not course number!) in the Enter Class Nbr field or use the Search option to find your preferred class.
  4. When the course you are searching for appears, select the Next button to go to the next step in registering for this course. This course has now been added to your Course Enrollment Worksheet.

Note: At the bottom of the page you will see classes you have already placed in your shopping cart.  You are NOT enrolled in these courses until you have completed the adding process.

  1. Repeat above steps to continue adding classes.
  2. Select the Finish Enrolling button to enroll in the class(es) in your Course Enrollment Worksheet.

Drop a Class

Visual Detailed Guide - Dropping a Class (pdf)

Quick Steps

    1. Log into Student Center.
    2. Under the Academic Section select Enroll in Classes then select the Drop
    3. Select the class you wish to drop by clicking in the Select
    4. Select Drop Selected Classes.
    5. Select Finish Dropping.

Swap a Class or Lab/Tutorial/Exam Centre

Swap a Class:
Visual Detailed Guide - Swapping a Class (pdf)

Swap a Lab/Tutorial/Exam Centre:
Visual Detailed Guide- Swapping a Lab or Tutorial or Exam Centre (pdf)


Quick Steps

  1. Log into Student Center.
  2. Under the Academics > Planning, select Enroll in Classes.
  3. Choose the My Academics tab, Swap.
  4. Select the course you wish to swap by choosing from the list in the Select from your schedule dropdown box.
    1. To Swap a Class, choose a replacement course using either the Class Search or My Planner if you have courses saved in your planner. 
    2. To Swap a Tutorial/Lab/Exam Centre, choose the SAME course as your replacement;   navigate through the options to find 1. the desired tutorial/lab/exam centre and 2. the same Lecture section in which you are currently enrolled. 
  5. After making your choice, you will be presented with a page with the details on your swap.
  6. Review the details of your swap & once satisfied, click the Finish Swapping. A page will come up with the information about your swap. The status heading will tell you if your courses were swapped successfully, or if there was an error.

Wait List a Class

Wait List Option

The wait list option allows students to join a queue for automatic enrollment into a class component that is currently full. A wait list option can be available on all types of class components: lecture, tutorial, laboratory or exam centers.

When there are multiple class component options to choose from, a student can be wait listed for a class component that is in “open” or “not full” status because one of the related class components is in "closed" or "full" status.

Example: If space is available in a lecture component but your preferred tutorial component is full then you will join a wait list for both the lecture and tutorial component. Space needs to be available in all the selected class components to be eligible for enrollment.

Things to Consider Before Joining a Wait List

It is important to consider how all wait listed class components may impact your personal class schedule. You will not be eligible to enroll from a wait list if that enrollment will result in a time conflict or will exceed the maximum course load allowed for the term.

How to Join a Wait List

  1. Determine if the class will fit into your class schedule.

  2. When adding the class, select the "Waitlist if class is full" option to join the wait list.

  3. Your wait list position will be provided in the enrollment confirmation message:

  4. Review “My Class Schedule” in Student Center [Planning – My Weekly Schedule – My Class Schedule] for your wait list status, wait list position and to identify if you missed any potential time conflicts with your wait listed class components.

    : Eligibility to enroll in a class may change during the course registration period. A wait list position does not guarantee that you will be enrolled when space is available in the class.

How to Enroll From a Wait List

A process will run daily during the course registration period to enroll students from the wait list. The next eligible student (ex: student in position #1) will be assessed and if all enrollment conditions are met, the student will be automatically enrolled into the class. A delay between when a space becomes available in a class and when a student will be enrolled from the wait list may occur.

A notification will be sent to your Western email account when you have been automatically enrolled into a class from a wait list. Automatic enrollment from a wait list is subject to the usual academic and financial deadlines, as well as policies associated with adding/dropping courses and progression through modules.

Check your personal class schedule regularly for wait list and enrollment changes. 

If none of the wait listed students are eligible to enroll into the available spaces due to enrollment errors, such as time conflict or exceeding the maximum allowed course load, the remaining spaces will be made available to other students. The students who remain on the wait list will be re-assessed the next time the wait list process runs.



How Many Wait Lists Can I Join?

Term Status Maximum Wait List Units
Fall/Winter Full-Time 2.0
Fall/Winter Part-Time 1.0
Summer Part-Time 1.0

Do Wait List Units Count Towards my Total Course Load?

Wait list units will not count towards your enrolled course load.

How Do I Remove Myself From a Wait List?

Simply drop the class as you would drop any other class during the course registration period. You are responsible for dropping the class if you no longer wish to be enrolled.

I Was Not Enrolled From the Wait List. What Happened?

Enrollment conditions must be met to be enrolled from a wait list. If all enrollment conditions are not met, you will remain on the wait list and will be re-assessed the next time the wait list process runs.

For example, you will not be enrolled from a wait list if:

  • Adding that class will create a time conflict
  • Adding that class will exceed the maximum course load allowed for the term
  • Enrollment priority/restriction has not been met. You may join a wait list even if you do not meet the current priority/restriction condition. However, enrollment from a wait list can only occur if the priority/restriction condition is met or is no longer required.

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