Summer Guide

The Summer term is comprised of three periods.

  • Twelve-week period – May to August (Summer Evening and Summer Distance Studies)
  • Six-week period – May to June (Intersession)
  • Six-week period – July to August (Summer Day)

All university courses require constant attention to class preparation and review. Expect to spend at least 2-3 hours in studies outside class for every hour you spend in the classroom. Consult the timetable for complete information about course times and dates.

Choosing the Right Course

Choose a course that reflects your interests, especially at the beginning of your program. You will be more motivated if you take a course that interests you and the course experience will be more satisfying. Gathering further information will help you to choose a course that will be manageable. You can obtain more information about courses in a number of ways:

  1. Start with reviewing the course description in the Academic Calendar; it will help you to determine what is required for the course. For example, in an English literature course, you would expect to do a substantial amount of reading and writing.
  2. Departments can provide you with detailed course outlines, including such information as commonly used textbooks and typical assignment breakdowns. Some of these outlines may be found on departmental websites.
  3. Browsing through textbooks at the University Book Store can also show you the range of ideas and concepts involved in subject areas.
  4. Ask someone who has taken the course for an opinion, or contact the instructor to find out more about the course.
  5. Department counsellors have valuable information about the courses you may be considering and are usually the best resource to assist with specific course information.
  6. Your academic counsellor can advise you about appropriate course selection, especially as it relates to your program requirements and appropriate course load.

Selecting Senior Courses

Part-time students who have completed 1.0 first-year course are eligible to register in senior courses (numbered 2000 - 4999) for which they have completed the prerequisite(s). Part-time students who have a substantial background and interest in a particular subject area are eligible, on written recommendation of the Dean of their Faculty, to register in a senior course pertinent to that subject prior to the completion of a first year course. All part-time students must complete successfully the 5.0 first-year courses within their first 10.0 courses attempted.

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