Student Center Access Guide

Below you will find the steps required to setup your Student Center account and sign in.

* If you attended prior to 1984 you will need to use our pdf forms to order a transcript or Official Western Letter.

* If you attended between 1984 and 2007 you will need to call the Student Central Helpline 519-661-2100 to have your Student Center access setup. This takes 48 business hours once you request access.

Step 1: Obtain your Access Code.

Access Code Retrieval service Click here.

You will require your Western Student Number AND your Birthdate AND one of the following:

  • OUAC Number (applicants)
  • Social Insurance Number (current or former students)
  • OCT Number (Education students)
  • OMS Number (Medicine students)

Step 2: Obtain your Western Identity username & password from the Western Technology Services (WTS) website.

You will require your Western Student Number AND your Access Code (as obtained in Step 1)

WTS Account Activation

Step 3: Access the Student Center

You will require your Western Identity username AND password (as obtained in Step 2)

Student Center

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Password Tips:

Don't share your password with anyone.  It's best to memorize your password - if you must write it down, keep it in a secure place.  If you believe your password has been compromised, you can change your password via the WTS Password Reset page.