Tax Receipts

Note: Receipts for the previous year's tax receipts are made available by the end of February. Not all tax slips are made available at the same time.

Tax Receipt Links on Student Center What is found at this link? Tips
My T2202 Slips This is where students retrieve the form for tuition charged for the tax year.  Make sure there is no active pop-up blocker or virus protector that is preventing the form from loading. This tax slip will be available by February 28.
Student Donation Fee This is the tax form for students who paid a donation fee to their faculty. Students who opted out of their donation fee will not receive a form.
My T4A Consent T4As for bursaries, scholarships and awards require consent to obtain an online copy. If you received funding in the tax year, you can consent to access your form online here. You may only consent if you are eligible for a T4A form. If you did not consent by Feb 13, the form was mailed. You can access the form online now by completing the consent.  Log in to Student Center and follow the instructions below.
My T4A Slips For students who are receiving a T4A for their bursaries, scholarships and awards and who consented to access them   online, this is where to retrieve the form. Make sure there is no active pop-up blocker or virus protector that is preventing the form from loading.
*T4 Slips for Income T4 forms for employment income earned in the calendar year, including work study, Post Doctoral Fellows, etc. are not found on the Student Center. They are issued by HR.

Refer to the HR web site at: 

Additional information on tax receipts, below.

T2202 Tax Receipts

T2202s are tuition tax receipts issued to all students for tuition related to the calendar year.  These show the amount of tuition that can be deducted for income tax purposes as well as the number of months eligible for the education deduction, if applicable.

Starting in 2020, Institutions are required to file the paid amount up to the maximum eligible amount on the T2202 tax receipt. If a payment is made after the original T2202 is issued, we can subsequently file an amendment to reflect the payments received up to the maximum eligible amount for the tax year.

These receipts are provided through an online service on Student Center, which allows you to view your T2202 - Tuition and Education Amounts Certificate(s) from Taxation year 2000 and onwards. Once logged into Student Center, click Student Financials > Taxes > My T2202 Slips to view your T2202 tax receipts.

Releve 8 Tax Receipts

Releve 8 tax forms show the amount of tuition that can be deducted for income tax purposes for Quebec residents on their personal income tax return(TP-1-V).

This form will only be issued upon request of the student by email to or stating the tax year requested and the address where the form will be mailed upon completion.  Once requested for any year, we will continue to issue a Releve' 8 to the Student Center home address in subsequent years until the student is no longer registered or requests that the form is not needed.   Returning students, after a one year gap, will have to request the production of the form again. 

Releve 8 forms can only be issued after the T2202 forms are completed by the end of February.  Subsequent year forms and new requests received by the end of February will be mailed out to student by the end of March.  Forms requested after March and any previous year forms will be processed and mailed within a 10 business day time frame.   

Note:  Please ensure that your virus protection is not blocking pop-ups before attempting to view and print the document.  If you see the current year's link (eg. 2012) but the page does not open, that is a virus protector or pop-up blocker preventing the form from loading.

T4A Tax Receipts

T4A tax receipts are issued for either scholarships, bursaries or other monetary awards.  

You can receive your T4A online using our online T4A service located in Student Center.  To use the online service you must “Consent” by February 13.  

By following the simple steps below to provide your “Consent” you will eliminate the need to print a hard copy T4A (if you do not need it) and will make it available online if you or your parents do need it for income tax purposes.

 To consent:  (You must use your mouse for clicking)

  1. Log in to Student Center and click Student Financials > Taxes > My T4A Consent
  2. Check the consent box and click “Submit”
  3. Verify your identity by typing your password and click the “Continue” button
  4. Click “OK” to confirm


Note: if you “Consent” your T4A will be available by February 18.  If you do not “Consent” by February 13 your T4A will be mailed by February 28.

International students:  please consent prior to February 13.  This will eliminate the mailing of your T4A to an International address.  If you do not need a T4A for tax purposes, do not print it once it is available. 

Ordering a Replacement T4A Tax Receipt:  If you require a replacement T4A tax receipt please complete the Request  for Replacement T4A Tax Receipt form and submit it in person, by mail, or via fax (see contact information on bottom of form).  Note: This form is not for replacement T4As issued by HR.

Should you have any questions, contact

T4 Tax Receipts

Tax receipts for employment (including student employees participating in work study) income earned in the calendar year are distributed by Human Resources.  Human Resources also distribute tax receipts for non-employment income including: Post Doctoral Fellows, fellowships, etc.  For more information please visit the HR Web Site.

Student Donation Fee Receipts

Student donation fee receipts for income tax purposes are available through the Student Center by clicking Student Financials > Taxes > Student Donation Fee. These receipts are for the student faculty donation fees. For information on these receipts only, contact Advancement Services at 519-661-4176 ext. 84176

Bus Pass Receipts

There are no special tax forms issued for the bus pass. If you are claiming the bus pass amount charged with your Western tuition charges, you can use the online statement of account found at the Student Center as proof of amounts paid.

Undergraduate, Professional, Education and Continuing Studies students have bus pass charges that cross tax years and can claim the following:

* For students who were registered and paid for a bus pass in the 8 month 2012-2013 academic year, one half of that cost can be claimed on the 2013 tax year.

* For students who were registered and paid for a bus pass in the 8 month 2013-2014 year, one half of that cost can be claimed on the 2013 tax year and the remaining amount will be claimable in the 2014 tax year.

Graduate students can claim all three terms worth of bus passes within the given tax year.

International Students

The University of Western Ontario is required to report this information to all students to enable them to complete their Canadian tax returns. For information on whether you need to file a Canadian tax return and/or a tax return in your country of origin, as well as information on how to file a Canadian tax return as an international student visit  International and Exchange Student Centre. The IESC also offers income tax clinics for international students every year in March.

Free Tax Clinic for Western Students

University Students' Council (USC) organizes a series of free tax clinics for Western students every year in March. All tax returns are prepared and electronically submitted to CRA by CRA trained and authorized volunteers. For more information visit

This clinic is a registered community partner with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under The Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP).