Scholarship Verification

If you are completing an application and you require a verifier to confirm scholarships/awards issued to you by Western University during your undergraduate studies, or to verify your standing on the Dean’s Honors List during your undergraduate studies at Western, you can list the following contact as a verifier:

Swapna Syamaladevi, Student Financial Services Officer
Western University
Student Financial Services, Office of the Registrar
Western Student Services Building, Room 1140
London, ON Canada
N6A 3K7
Phone: 519-661-2111 

Note: This contact cannot verify information related to studies in a Graduate level program at Western University or information related to scholarships/awards issued by an external organization.

The following general information may be useful to your application:

  • You can reference the specific scholarship/award descriptions and terms through the online Award Search to determine how recipient selections were made. To view the full description, including eligibility criteria and number of awards available, click the magnifying glass next to the award name.

  • To determine competition for a scholarship/award please refer to the Western Facts and Western Databook for the year in which you received the scholarship/award to obtain enrollment statistics by faculty and program, as well as scholarship and awards statistics. Search for statistics according to the criteria for your specific scholarship/award. When searching the Western Facts, select the Student folder under the appropriate year to find the relevant statistics. Note: Student Financial Services does not keep statistics related to competition for each individual scholarship/award, so you will need to use Western Facts and Western Databook to determine the competition yourself, if that information is required for your application.