Accommodated Exams

Accommodated Exams is the Western department that coordinates exams and assessments, both online and in-person, for students with disabilities who are registered with Accessible Education.  

Accommodated Exams and Accessible Education have partnered together to ensure your exams and assessments meet all required accommodations.      

Eligibility requirements to write with Accommodated Exams 

  1. You are registered with Accessible Education  
  2. Your Accessible Education Counsellor has authorized you for exam and assessment accommodations  
  3. You have activated your accommodations for each term’s active courses in your Examination Services Portal  


Accommodated Exams process (2023-2024)  

In-Person Assessments  

  • Accommodation bookings for non-final assessments must be booked at least 10 days in advance of the assessment date. For the final examination period in the fall term (December 10-22), the deadline is November 6, 2023; for the winter final examination period (April 11-30), the deadline is March 4, 2023. All booking requests are made through your Examination Services Portal.   
  • The booking details (start time, location) will be visible 5 days in advance on your Examination Services Portal.   


Online Timed Assessments  

  • Accommodation bookings for online assessments must be booked via your Examination Services Portal at least 10 days in advance of the assessment date.   
  • IMPORTANT: If you are requesting late, you still need to make the request on the portal. You then need to follow-up with your instructor to confirm that your accommodations have been applied as this information can not be viewed by the Accommodated Exams team.  
  • Contact your instructor directly for makeup requests . Accommodations for online assessments are arranged by instructors. 


How to submit a booking request with Accommodated Exams

  1. Log into your Examination Services Portal  

  2. Select your course and click the ‘Request Exam’ button

  3. If the assessment is listed, click the blue request button beside the assessment. If the assessment is not listed, it means it has not been input by your instructor yet so cannot be scheduled by our system. Select the blue “Click here” button to generate an email to your instructor requesting that the assessment be entered.

    IMPORTANT: If your assessment is less than 10 days away and still is not visible for you to request, please email for assistance.


Day Before the Assessment

Double check the details of your booking to ensure that no changes have been made.   

Day of the Assessment 

Arrive at the appropriate location 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. You must bring your Western ONECard or government issued photo ID for identification purposes.   

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Makeup Assessments

Returning students: we no longer require supporting documentation from your counsellor/instructor to book your make-up.


To book a makeup with Accommodated Exams, complete the makeup request form found at the bottom of the landing page in your Examination Services Portal . You must provide the date and time as scheduled by your instructor. If they have not communicated these details, please contact them before submitting the form. Please submit the form at least 10 days before the assessment date or as soon as it is communicated.  


Contact your instructor directly to make arrangements to write the make-up assessment. Accommodations for online assessments are arranged by instructors.  



Please refer to the Exam Central section of the Extranet for information on In-Person and Online Assessments.