Welcome to Canada Admission Scholarship

We are excited to welcome you as a Mustang!

Western offers an unlimited number of Welcome to Canada Admission Scholarships as our commitment to support the diverse needs of international students in their academic journey. 

The Welcome to Canada Admission Scholarship offers you:

  • $10,000 for first year
  • Guaranteed on-campus residence in your first year


Consideration for this scholarship is automatic and no application is required!

Effective: 2024-2025 academic year 


Scholarship Eligibility

  • You must be an International student who is completing school outside of Canada, or who is transferring from a post-secondary institution within Canada. Students completing high school within Canada are not eligible.
  • You must apply for first year full-time studies (minimum of 3.5 courses) in any first-entry undergraduate program at Western Main Campus for the 2024-2025 Fall/Winter academic year. Note: if you enroll or reduce your course load to part-time (less than 3.5 courses) or withdraw from the academic year, you will not be eligible to keep your scholarship.
  • You must be paying international student tuition and fees. Any changes to your status in Canada that qualify you for domestic fees (ie. Who Pays Canadian Tuition Fees?) after receiving a scholarship offer will render you ineligible for the scholarship.
  • You must meet the admission conditions as specified in your offer.
  • The Welcome to Canada Admission Scholarship cannot be deferred.

When will you be notified?

By the end of April, students with an offer of admission will be able to view information about the scholarship by logging into choose.uwo.ca.

Can the scholarships be combined with other admission scholarships?

  • Welcome to Canada Admission Scholarship cannot be combined with any other admission scholarships.
  • The New to Canada Grant is payable on top of this scholarship.