Academic Merit Scholarships

Note: If you are submitting an application for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and you are receiving any scholarship, award or bursary funding from Western University, do not report it on your OSAP application as we will report it to OSAP on your behalf. Students are still responsible for reporting any external funding received (i.e. not awarded by Western) on their OSAP application.

In-course Scholarships and Awards are established and funded by individual donors, corporations, faculties, departments, and the governing body of the University. Scholarships and Awards are given out during the academic year based on the student's previous academic performance and current registration.

Once a student has completed one year of studies at Western, they become eligible for In Course Awards. Eligibility of all scholarships and awards granted by the University of Western Ontario are reserved for students registered at the Main Campus only unless the provisions of an award state otherwise. Students must have completed their prescribed academic program requiring five or more full courses in the previous year, and currently, be registered in a full-time course load as determined by their enrolled program. Note that some scholarships may have different requirements. Students who completed their previous academic year at an affiliate university college or institution other than Western are not eligible.

Academic Merit Scholarships

These In-Course Scholarships are granted to students based on academic merit only. A minimum 80% average is required for scholarship consideration, although most successful candidates have significantly higher averages. Eligible candidates are determined by way of nomination from their Faculty. This is done through grade listings divided by faculty and program.

Important: Applications are not required for these scholarships. Students who are receiving an Academic Merit Scholarship will be notified by their faculty.

Combined Academic Merit Scholarships

These are awarded to students based on a combination of academic merit and one or more non-academic requirements, such as participation in extra-curricular activities and demonstration of leadership qualities. Each award has its own academic criteria and guidelines. Individual applications can be downloaded in .pdf format.

Applying for Combined Academic Merit Scholarships

The deadlines for these awards vary from September 30th to February 28th of each year, depending on the terms of the award; please refer to the individual award application for specific details. Applications can be downloaded beginning in September by choosing the appropriate link. Recipients will be chosen and notified within two months of the award deadline.

Notes: 1) This is not a comprehensive list of awards available; these are awards that are not faculty-specific.  2) Only the applications with active links are currently available. If the link is not active, it means that the application deadline has passed.

Application Submission:
Completed applications must be submitted online through the secure DocDrop - please select the 'Award Documentation' document type when uploading your application. You should do a separate upload for each award you are applying for and reference the name of the specific award in your pdf file name. Note: You must use a pdf file format when submitting documents through the DocDrop.